Before reading the dehumidifier article (will it make her bedroom more comfortable due to lower humidity, or less because it'll warm things up), I read your article about dehumidifiers icing up. <snip>. I consider myself somewhat of an expert, having thousands of $'s in tools in a humid basement. I've maybe spent more in electricity in expensive upstate NY rates over the years than the tools I want to keep from rusting are worth, but that's another matter. As for frosting coil problems, my answer is simpler, cheaper and more efficient than your idea of turning a 40 W. light bulb on near the air inlet to the dehumidifier. In the early spring, when basement temps are in the 60s and frosting tends to occur, I set up a small fan, about 6 to 8 in. diameter, to blow directly on the cooling coil part of the dehumidifier. The extra air movement above and beyond the fan internal to the unit, keeps ice from forming. Simple heat exchange. About 15 watts. Of course, if the humidistat is set too high, she'll ice up no matter what, but higher settings and lower R.H. can be achieved for sure.

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