Electric dryer acting up? Got heat when it is asking for air only? Here's a story from a reader who found out why.


Our Maytag clothes dryer was overheating it would get hot even when we turned it to air only. My wife said it must be something wrong with the heating element and I said no....something wrong with the heat sensors, after browsing thru your symptoms on dryers I started thinking....maybe my wife was right. went down to our local appliance repair and when I described the symptoms she said right off without blinking an eyelash...."Sounds like you've got a broken wire in your heating element".

I went right home....took out the heating element and discovered with the help of my multimeter that I had a short from one terminal to the metal pipe surrounding the element. I could not see a broken wire or anywhere that it was even touching the little metal straps that hold the insulators.

I hooked my battery charger leads one to the pipe and one to the terminal and sure enough juice was flowing thru part of the wire to the ground. So I bought another heating element and that fixed the dryer.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is don't always rely on visual inspection....check things out with a tester. Hope this experience helps others.

Your site is a big help! Thanks for being here!


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