I had put a linked calculator here which took you to another website where a calculator did the cost comparison between electric, gas and propane to heat your home.  However the owner of that website has asked me to remove the linked calculator via an email in which he said,

"Your framing of OUR calculator on you web page is Improper and unethical."

 when in fact I was trying to help them by directing traffic to their website!!!

  I will build my own calculator and put it back here for your use within the next few weeks.  Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.  If you are interested in the calculator please email me and let me know.  Just title the email "Fuel Comparison Calculator Please" .  The more requests I get the faster I will work!!!!!



Until I can finish my own calculator here is a link to a website that is far superior to the one I had used.  Just fill in the blanks and hit the submit button to compare costs of various heating systems.







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